Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Outfits in Halloween episode of Bones

I think most of us have noticed how Halloween outfits differ depending on what gender you feel you belong to. If you have not just go to random place and search for Halloween costumes and see the female vs male equivalent of for example cop, doctor, firfighter, teacher, cat, nerd and so on...

I did however not expect this sexist crap be pushed up against my face while watching Bones. It however did. Below I list outfits:
Zack: backside of a cow (2part costume)
Hodgins: Captain of Titanic
Booth: Squint (nerd)
Cam: Catwoman
Angela: Cher
Brennan: Wonder woman

You probably see what I want to say but to really drive it home: all men had skin visible only on hands and head while the women showed thighs, shoulders, cleavage, arms, head and hands. In other words the female outfits were much more revealing.

It was a very stark contrast between the male and female outfits in this episode. It could have been nice if they had balanced it out a bit. How I am unsure but this just didn't feel right.

Sure they gave some kind of reasons behind the women's outfits, it seems Cam thinks Catwoman is the best and Brennan thinks Wonder woman is the best. Why Angela dressed up as Cher I don't know. All in all it just felt like reasons to dress the female characters down.

All power to Catwoman and Wonder woman though - love 'em!

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