Friday, September 16, 2016

Can we discuss the harem scene in Marco Polo?

Today, after not having any series I really wanted to watch left, I decided to take a chance on Marco Polo since I like history and have currently an interest in historic Asian culture. It was an all right first episode which of course ended with cliffhanger as pilots always do which probably will make me at least watch one more episode.

However! What I wanted to discuss was the harem scene. If you have not watched Marco Polo and want to and don't want spoilers stop reading here, bookmark this and come back when you have.

It's a scene where Marco is summoned to the harem with the thousand veils and nude women everywhere. He first walks through it all to get to the khan who gives him a test, to walk through it all (worked first time...) without actively touching the women, so he goes through the rooms where the women have orgies with each other, other higher up men, play with huge dildos and this time throw themselves on Marco (uhm ok).

In general I don't have a problem with the concept of these women having a fun time but the structure of this scene feels odd to me, why take him all the way into the core of the place just to tell him to walk out again just to be, suddenly, attacked by all these women overcome by lust for him. It would have made more sense to me that he got the information before entering or at least some kind of better build up and that the women would entice him not literally drag him around like a puppet without anyone even telling them to. Also, some kind of hint that the women had gotten orders to throw themselves on him when he walked back but not give a shit about him on the way in.

I felt this scene was just to provoke some audiences and to give others spank material. It had no substance to the show. Even the fighting master having at it with a cobra (at the same time as above scene) made more sense to me. It could have been done masterfully with it cutting between the attack on the walled city, Marco's walk in the harem and the dance with the cobra but it wasn't. I feel they had a concept but their own dicks got in the way when they planned it out.*

Also, I feel it plays a lot on the stereotype that men are animals and cannot hold their urges to themselves, like it would be so hard for him not to do anything to these women. It's a shitty untrue stereotype, because if it was true then men shouldn't be in charge of anything because who knows what they would do on an impulse? So tired of that shit, both in our society and on series/movies.

Overall the scene felt like an easy stunt that wasn't fully thought through. I don't see the purpose of this scene, especially not so early, if it was not to provoke, be spoken about and thus gain watchers.

*Yeah, I'm just assuming here that it was mainly men planning and writing that scene, perhaps it wasn't and if you have proof do tell.

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