Thursday, August 18, 2016

Great Expectations and the story of Estella

I watched Great Expectations (2012) and without prior knowledge of the story (only read David Copperfield and Oliver Twist by Dickens) it was almost a bit Tim Burtonesque, especially since Helena Bonham Carter was in it. I was bored by the first half hour but it grew more interesting later.

After reading the plot summary of the book on wiki I can see this was a bit more of a summary one can say with some slight changes. What truly got me though after watching the movie (cannot say if I would think the same after reading the book) was that I am more intrigued to know Estella's story than Pip's story, hers seem more interesting to me.

Why couldn't Dickens have written Estella's story too? There are so many questions!

How was it to grow up with Miss Havisham, what did she do after Pip stopped visiting, why did she marry Drummle and how were their days together - what did they do? And what happens when the book/movie ends and Estella's heart has opened and she meets Pip again, do they marry, do they get children, do they grow old together or what?

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