Friday, June 03, 2016

Mini-review: Grace & Frankie, season 1

After seeing Grace & Frankie being mentioned so many times on facebook by friends I thought I had to check it out, see what all the fuss was about, especially since people of all ages seemed to like it.

After finishing season 1 I can say I understand, it is a very sweet show with great actors which I feel are believable in their roles and the script is overall. I do however feel that the writers seem afraid to pinpoint Sol as bi which he clearly is since he loves both Robert and Frankie. It's a rather classical problem though in series or movies that bi characters only are pinpointed as gay. There need to be more bi representation.

What I really like though is that it's a series focused on people in their 70's, I feel more movies and series should dare to take on the stories and perspectives of older people. Series and movies about teens, young adults or people in their 30's are everywhere, it has saturated the market. It was about time a story about people later in life got the chance. Let's hope more series and movies will come.

I chuckled and I cried as I watched this show and I will definitely continue to watch season 2.

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