Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Year review: 2015

Translated list from UnderbaraClara. I have a memory of translating this before but cannot find my former list so did it again!

Forgot about this one, was supposed to publish this in December but hey better late than never as they say!

Did you do something in 2015 that you have never done before?
Yes, I ate by myself at IKEA. I probably did more things but that is the one that pops up right now.

Did you do any big changes?
I changed out some technology that died on me this year (my computer), I changed glasses (15 years ago I did so last time), I let a friend read the beginning of a novel I am working on (usually they just collect dust and die).

Did any of your friends become parents this year?
None of my close friends became parents but there has been a bit of a baby boom the last year and a half among acquaintances and several are right now pregnant.

Which date from 2015 will you always remember?
None spring to mind. Closest I get is August/September because that was then my computer since 2007 crashed and burned.

Did someone close to you die?
Thankfully no one did.

Which countries did you visit?
None, I need to do better in the future on this one.

The best buy?
The new computer.

Did something make you really happy?
Yes, seeing my friends F and L in Gothenburg for a few hours, it made me realise how much I miss offline interactions with people I care for in cafés.

Do you miss something during 2015 that you want year 2016?
Job, money, friends, dogs

What do you wish you had done more?
Dared to speak my mind, travelled, hanged with those I care for

What do you wish you had done less?
Felt lonely and unloved

Favourite show on TV?
Grey's anatomy, Scandal, The Originals, Nashville, The Vampire Diaries, Mr Robot, Once upon a time, Castle, Hart of Dixie, Gotham, Endeavour, Red band society, Empire, Rizzoli & Isles, Fröken Frimans krig 2.

I am sure I have forgotten at least one.

The best book you read this year?
How can I pick just one? Here are some of them:
Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Cemetery of Forgotten Books (so far trilogy) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Me before you by Jojo Moyes
The Buddha in the attic by Julie Otsuka
1984 by George Orwell
Charlotte's web by E.B White

And I am sure Just Kids by Patti Smith, which I am currently reading, will be on that list too.

Biggest musical discovery?
Some songs:
Werben by ASP
Only you by Yazoo
My song by Nashville cast
Hippie van by Smith & Tell
Someone new by Kaneholler
Coming for you by The Offspring
Samsara by Tungevaag & Emilia Raaban

What was your biggest success at work in 2015?
The organisation I worked for in December 2014 wanted me to come back as team leader for Easter and I came second to a culture organiser job at a municipality. I think those two are my biggest successes which is a bit sad, let's hope for some better comment at the end of 2016 (hopefully that I have a permanent job).

What was your biggest success personally?
That I didn't sit at home all summer and rotted away, I travelled here and there and watched art, saw concerts and ate ice cream even though I had no one to do this with. I also managed to call different places even though it is one of the toughest things for me to do  (it's getting better!).

Biggest mistake?
That I didn't break up with my ex before my ex got the chance to do so, I stayed too long in that abusive relationship. At least I know what kind of person not to let into my life again.

Were you happier or sadder this year in comparison to previous year(s)?

In comparison to 2014 this year was a cake walk.

What did you spend most money on?
Food and rent I think.

Something you wished for and got?
My glasses before Christmas, they said it was cutting it close when I ordered but I got it with several days to spare.

Something you wished for and didn't get?
That the one person I feel lost without wouldn't be gone, that things wouldn't be as it is between us and that I wouldn't still feel after all this time that I've lost a vital part of myself, like an arm or a piece of my soul is gone.

What did you do on your birthday 2015?
Uhm, yes, what did I do? Some days before I am pretty sure me and then boyfriend went to a restaurant and ate, we ate cupcakes and kissed on a bridge but unsure what else we did. I am unsure what I did on my actual birthday, nothing more is recorded than cake, flowers, outfit and the gifts my mum had sent me. I need to do better in 2016.

Is there anything that would have made your year even better?
A job, more money, a puppy, travelling, friends I could see offline

What made you feel good?
That I was asked to come to an interview and that I came second. Sure it would have been even better to have gotten the job but getting so far felt like a feat and an energy boost since I before that felt rather blue when it came to job hunting.

Who did you miss?
My parents, my friends and J

The best new people you met?

Most proud over?
Everything I have managed to do on my own even though it might have scared me to death, I have challenged myself and my boundaries.

Biggest wish right now?
To get a job

What are you going to do different next year?
I am going to be better at relaxing and not just idly browse the internet but do something with my time even if that is just chatting with a friend on skype for 6 hours - it gives more than just idling around online.

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