Monday, January 04, 2016

Journal prompt 1: Write an "About Me" about yourself.

my name is Carin and I am soon to be 29 with one year to get ready to turn 30 (not prepared yet!), I spend my days mostly at the computer and more on facebook than I would like to admit. My hobbies include jewellery making, photographing, writing and baking.

I devour books but sometimes need a long cooling period if it was an exceptionally good or thought provoking book, I cannot watch an anime series over long periods of time - I always bulk watch in 24-48h and therefore cannot see series longer than 30 episodes, I know which day of the week it is depending on what series is on TV so on winter/summer break my days are havoc and I own five teapots and one coffee pot but I only use one of the teapots.

I live in the southern parts of Sweden where we basically never see snow and when we do it basically melts right away. I come from a small town underneath the biggest lake of Sweden, Vänern, which I left right after high school to study journalism up north. I however ended up with a degree in culture sciences from down south.

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