Sunday, January 03, 2016

2015's reading list

My goal: "This year I'm trying to be better with the earth's resources so I'm planning on borrowing more books from the library than I've done the past years (close to zero books). Books I have borrowed from library are marked with ¤

I'm also planning on reading up on the old and modern classics, these will be in italics."

I have to say I did pretty good with that.
24 books in total:
...1 being a comic book
...4 children books
...6 classic books
...16 borrowed from library

w.3-4 Mitt i Afrika by Ann Olivecrona and Petter Karlsson (Swe)

w.5-7 Anne Frank's diary (unshortened orginal version) by Anne Frank
w.7-8 The forgotten garden by Kate Morton

w.11-12 A novel bookstore by Laurence Cossé ¤
w.13 The lost letter / The overcoat by Nikolai Gogol ¤

w.13- Drunkna inte i dina känslor by Maggan Hägglund and Doris Dahlin (swe) [reading]

w.15  Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (finished in less than 24h) ¤
w.15 The book of tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern (finished in one day)
w.16 Ms. Marvel vol. 1 (Kamala Khan) by G. Willow Wilson
w.16-17 The shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón [nr1] ¤
w.17 The prisoner of heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafón [nr3]* ¤

w.18-19 The angel's game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón [nr2] ¤

w.26 Swimming home by Deborah Levy 
w.26 Me before you by Jojo Moyes ¤

w.27 The Buddha in the attic by Julie Otsuka ¤

w.28 The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ¤

w.29-32 1984 by George Orwell ¤

w.32 One small act of kindness by Lucy Dillon ¤
w.35 Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen ¤

w.39 Charlotte's web by E.B. White


w.39-41 Northern lights (His dark materials 1) by Philip Pullman

w.41 The subtle knife (His dark materials 2) by Philip Pullman
w.41-42 The amber spyglass (His dark materials 3) by Philip Pullman

No reading of books in favour of writing my own at NaNoWriMo.

w.52- Just Kids by Patti Smith [reading]

* I made a little mistake and took this for nr 2 instead of Angel's game, but since the second one is a prequel then it might be ok anyway. It was an interesting way to read this, all I have to say is Mindfuck (which you probably do not get if you have not read book 3 before book 2), then you will get an "Oh!" in book 3 I think. I do hope a book 4 will come out and tie it all together, I have questions I need answered!

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