Sunday, December 06, 2015

NaNoWriMo report day 21 and 22 (reaching 50k)

Late is late but finally a recap of my two last days of NaNoWriMo. In other words I reached the goal of 50k on day 22 which was five whole days before my goal day (27th).

Unfortunately I didn't especially like what I wrote the last two days, it was more writing to reach 50k rather than write because the story is great. I was so fed up with it that I did not continue writing as planned after I reached 50k, I quit the same day I reached the goal.

Now I am mostly thinking about adjusting and changing things and how it can be done, I still haven't read through the November writings but will start 2016 with that because I don't think I can see it with fresh eyes yet so now it is mostly planning and world building thoughts which will help me later (hopefully).

I wasn't as excited this year to reach 50k, I wrote it well in a facebook post right after:
"50k - has been slain. 
Let's not speak of all the horrendous words the last couple of days that led up to it but as it is said you can edit shit. I know though that I have some awesome scenes, they just do not belong to the last ones. 

70k written on this story and not near finished. Also know I need to do some serious overhauls here and there so not celebrating as much as last year when the story began and ended in November, but still happy I managed to pull it off again!"

This year's lesson (also quoted from facebook):
"Lesson after this NaNoWriMo (yes I am aware that several of you are still fighting your way through): 1k a day works fine for me, I seem to get substance and have some kind of good stuff, 2k a day works some days and some days not. I think I like Camp NaNo better (fluid goal), at least for this story, last year's story worked excellent with 2k a day.
Fingers crossed for a story that works with 2k a day next year! And seriously if I am still going at it with this one just shoot me."

Day 21: 2 068 words, 47 556 total word count
Day 22: 2 617 words, 50 173 total word count

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