Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to endure New Year's Eve alone

All right, so 2016 is nearly upon us now but first is that big cha bang tomorrow and for some that is the height of drunkedness and partying with old and new friends but for some, like me, it's loneliness and seeing everyone else's status updates about the awesome party they're at with thousands of amazing people.

2013/2014 I celebrated alone too, I hoped the whole night a person I deeply cared for would miss me and contact me about seeing each other at midnight, the person did not so it was a miserable pityfest on my part.

2014/2015 I spent with then long distance boyfriend on skype which was nice in a way but still lonely in another.

2015/2016, this year, I spend on my lonesome again but this year I am well prepared. Let me tell you how I prepared.

Social media
The big crook is usually seeing everyone else super happy and having a good time in stark contrast to what I'm doing thus I will regulate how often I am on facebook this New Years. Facebook is usually the biggest crook, not so much twitter and instagram I don't hang out on often enough but I think that might be problematic too. Do what is best for you.

Something to do
Since everyone else is at dinners, parties or whatnot you cannot just sit around feeling pity for yourself or by trying to pretend it is any other day - plan to do something. My plan is to watch movies, most likely Avatar or Amélie since they're my newest dvd's, I might also start watching a new anime and play some Sims 4.

Best part about not spending it with someone else, if you don't want to be dressed to the teeth then don't, just put on whatever you want - if that is a t-shirt with mustard on it, a glittery dress or just a onesie that is up to you! I will be donning some party outfit, I like to dress up for occasions.

Go bananas! My menu for the evening:

potato gratin, red wine sauce, brussel sprouts and soy meat

Dessert - three options!
1. canned pear halves with whipped cream
2. canned peach halves with whipped cream
3. mud cake with whipped cream
(4. I might do nr 1 and 3 together... just an idea.)

bubbly (which has been waiting since May for me to drink it)
cheese doodles
chocolate cookie chips
chocolate bar

Bucket list
Write down a bucket list of things you want to do in 2016, not resolutions but goals and experiences you want. I've been working on mine for a few days, it has (among other things) that I want to dye my hair red and that I want to move.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to make New Years awesome when you have no one to celebrate with (no matter if it is by choice or not)?

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