Monday, November 09, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 9

First day of econd week, the week that is usually deemed the tough one. So far it went well for me, fun scenes to write, one being super cute and romantic which is basically the second scene (third if I am very including) in this whole novel of approximately 40k. I definitely notice I am writing a political drama with focus on the relationships and manipulations.

I wrote 2 105 words today. Yeah, still keeping up with 2k a day and I so I hope I will continue to do so. Target today was 15k to keep with the schedule, I passed 20k so it feels pretty good.

I've been noticing a lack of describing words though, I keep losing the words I want/need in both English and Swedish which is annoying. I try with words that is in the ball park but it just doesn't feel right, sometimes I write around it, trying to explain around it but it annoys me sometimes and sometimes I leave the word out completely and think I will fix it when I edit.

I tried to explain why one of my characters saw it as a big NO-NO to let her servant sleep in the same bed as her, it was just something you wouldn't do but I cannot remember the word why it is not ok to fraternise high and low like that. Best word I could come up with was custom but that's not right. Still annoys me even though it was a couple of chapters ago. (If you know the word I am looking for please comment).

Word count: 20 643.

Time adjusted to be on the correct date.

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