Saturday, November 07, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 7

Totally useless shit is what I wrote today. Only a very small part of it is actually useful to the story, the rest was filler stuff to have the same pacing as the first 30k+ but really I would have liked to jump from A happened to C happened, but I needed to explain what happened in between to get it to make sense.

Uuuuuuuurgh. Crap.

It took me approximately 2h to write a little over 1k. I feel drained from trying to adjust that chapter and tie it together because it was complete shit to begin and now useless shit after trying to edit it together to make sense.

All I want is for the story to skip ahead to the parts when stuff is truly moving the story forward and things will begin to fall apart but I feel stuck at trying to get this information in place first. Hopefully after what I have planned next I can finally move it forward in time again.

I feel drained from trying to fix the shit. Had planned to bake tonight but all I want is to sit right here and play Sims 4 for hours - that is basically what I have energy for. Urgh, 20+ more days of this, right now that feels tough. I did however managed to write 2 287 words today, I think at least 1k of those is shit.

Upside, I have now past that awkward part of the story and is now at a more interesting one, I just dread needing to edit that part later.

Word count: 16 448.

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