Friday, November 06, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 6

Today I felt that this had a point and realised that yesterday wasn't just useless stuff that would be deleted right away when I edit this novel. The writing went fairly well even though I procrastinated quite a bit for my second round where I needed to write approximately 700 words.

Firs time I needed to google for this novel was today and here is what I googled:
  • How fast does a horse and carriage travel
  • How long can a horse and carriage travel before needing break (or switching of horses)
  • How long does it take between Gothenburg and Stockholm with horse and carriage
  • Ostriches and carriages
  • How much weight can an ostrich carry
  • How fast can an ostrich run
  • Impala (animal) and carriage
  • Antelope and carriage
  • Llama and carriage
  • Alpaca and carriage
 Curious? ;)

All in all I wrote 2 049 words today which means I have so far managed to stay above 2k every day, we'll see how that goes when week 2 comes around which is supposed to be a tough week (don't dare to look at my former posts on that, not wanting to jinx it haha).

Word count: 14 161.

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Time adjusted to be on the correct date.

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