Monday, November 16, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 16

Not today. It took me forever to get anything done and it feels like my story is derailing from where I want to be because OTHER SHIT KEEPS ON HAPPENING - STOP HAVING GODDAMN LIVES! No frustration or anything...

But I mean it took me 2h to write a very short chapter because I needed to rewrite a gazillion times to get it right since it was a very sensitive subject. The rest of it went eh... and right now I'm in a chapter which I feel would be better from the other character's perspective but gnh I always take turns on whose chapter it is and it's the other character's chapter now...

So yeah, not liking today. Not really pulling teeth more tricky and hard to find the right words while at the same time I just want shit going, I need to get them out of the capital but in this pace they will probably start that journey by 50k instead of 25k-30k as expected. Upside, I did manage to write 2 347 words today for some weird reason, probably because I pushed myself to make something there at the end but eh.

Not digging today. I do hope it's not week 2 blues that has caught up with me.

Word count: 36 542.

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