Friday, November 13, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 13

Unlucky 13 (lucky 13 for me usually) truly die a homerun on my characters today. Both had to endure some really shitty times. All I wanted was to say "I AM SO SORRY, IT WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE" but it would be a lite, shit will get darker than this...

I told another writer friend earlier that I would not like to be one of my characters and now I'm not speaking of just this story, my characters have in general a very sucky life. Those poor people, I put them through hell.

On the upside, good news! I scrambled together 2 511 words today just as I hoped which means I passed another even number as I hoped I would and I am now a bit over 8k ahead of schedule! I am also still writing minimum of 2k a day.

Word count: 30 023.

^See even number passed. Next badge is 40k though, but I am now 20k away from goal. I am hoping I will be able to pull this off!

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