Sunday, November 01, 2015

NaNoWriMo report - day 1

Uuuuuuuurggghhhhh. I started last night and wrote some hours and ended up with around 1700 just to hack that to pieces today because the characters didn't sound like themselves and it was taking the completely wrong direction. I even cut out 280 words right off because it didn't fit in but I ended up with a little over 2000 words.

At 19:15 I decided to up that to 3k because well clearly I've lost it and it wasn't until a bit before 22:00 and a gazillion revisions and changes that I finally felt I could let the novel go for the night at 3160 words.

It goes even slower and is even more tedious than last year and at Camp NaNoWriMo some months ago, I am just feeling like I am portraying everyone wrong and that their relationships are off so I keep rewriting every scene a couple of times and making changes.

I now feel like mush. So exhausted from all the writing and I don't look forward to writing 2k tomorrow. Kill me?

Word count: 3160 words.

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