Saturday, August 01, 2015

Grey hairs

Yesterday as I was preparing to go to bed I noticed two, maybe three very blond/white strands of hair and I was more fascinated than "OMG I AM GETTING GREY HAIRS MY LIFE IS OVER". I tried seeing if they were truly white or just a little blonder strands of hair since my hair is a little iridescent but I couldn't conclude anything.

It would have been easy to pull one of them to study it closer, especially the one that I got a hold of and tried to examine, but that felt wrong, if they truly are grey hairs then I will wear them proudly. If they are grey hairs then they are a sign of the shit I went through last year and that it took a toll so I will wear them knowing that I pulled through hell year 2014.

My mum once told me that whenever I get my grey hairs I will not be happy and I told her I wouldn't mind, I would wear them proudly - I wouldn't colour them over just because they are grey (though my hopes is to colour my hair turquoise when I'm old and all white because it would be cool). That is why I'm now hesitating about colouring my hair later this autumn because then they will blend in with the rest of them and I don't want that.

We will see what I do. And no, it doesn't really bother me that I possibly got grey hairs at 28, I mean if it would bother me at some point I will just colour it over and that is that. The investigation will continue until I know for certain they are grey or just blonde - I feel like Sherlock Holmes!

How do you feel about grey hairs?

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