Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 7

Today it really flowed out of me. I started at 14:48 and was finished by 15:30! Today I wrote 1037 words. I am also quite enjoying my foreshadowing which, in my opinion, is REALLY good. Unsure if the reader will pick up on them the first time they read but I think they will realise it's been there when they finish and if they read it again they will definitely notice the small hints everywhere.

A section I wrote yesterday isn't really working since I changed one character a bit so two sentences of hers doesn't fit and I cannot seem to put those in another character's mouth either (I tried) so I might rework that small section (three sentences in a discussion) so I have yellow marked it for later. Character consistency is important.

Word count: 7244 words.

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