Saturday, July 04, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 4

Today I solved the issue of: how do they get light into the rooms? They get it through windows and glass ceilings fyi. I also got the pleasure to write about a library, I think that is the most described in the whole story so far, funnily enough.

It went pretty fast, I started 13:21 and finished 13:17 when I realised I had already passed 1k today so I quit mid sentence since I couldn't get it properly and just wrote a note to myself what I was trying to describe. I managed to write 1027 words today.

Tomorrow I am half way to my goal of 10k this session. Another person in my cabin has so far reached 11,315 words but he's also aiming much higher than me: 75-100k. I think that is impressive. But I am like the turtle, slow but steady. It would be nice if I managed to double my goal to 20k, but we'll see.

Word count overall: 4136

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