Sunday, July 12, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 11 and 12

The writing yesterday flew by, I knew exactly what to say in those 40 minutes and I wrote 1020 words and reached the word count of 11330. It flowed pretty nicely out of me.

Today on the other hand I felt more lost on what to write and if I should jump in time or not, so far they had been 5 days straight which I had written about. I deleted and rewrote several times since I didn't like where it was heading. I liked the scene, it was sweet, but I am unsure if it should happen right there.

Now when I am thinking about it I think I might move some of the events to later, it feels too rushed since the other character have mostly been mentioned and now when he finally gets some air time I do some emotional leaps and even leaps in their relationship which doesn't feel right. It took me a little over an hour to write today. I wrote 1033 words today and I upped the goal to 15 000.

Word count: 12 363.

Edit: I rewrote the ending of the scene and now I feel much better when it comes to where I left things between these two, works better in the story. Word count is the same though to my surprise, massive skills on that eh? Word count: 12 363. ;)

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