Friday, July 10, 2015

Camp NaNo - day 10 [10k goal reached!!]

I reached my set goal today by reaching: 10 310 words. I wrote 1015 words in 40 minutes which seems to be around the time I write nowadays which is pretty cool. I am quite enjoying writing this story, I even put in a little twist of "OH MY GAWD WHY DO I BOND WITH THIS PERSON, I DO NOT LIKE HER" drama for one of my characters who grew a little soft for another character she hates. Hihi, I am evil that way.

My plan is to focus on 15k next and after that 20k (my unofficial goal) but we'll see since I have some awesome summer plans for the next two weeks I might not have much time to write sadly. I will try though.

Goal: 10 000 words.
Reached: 10 310 words.
Feeling: Proud. Happy. Content.

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