Friday, July 03, 2015

10 kinds of people I hate on buses

1. People who need to talk LOUDLY on phone or to friend, especially some males of the population whose voice carry great distances even if they would talk like us normal people. Oh and thank you for all the personal information you just shared with everyone.

2. Screaming children. I feel sorry for their parent(s) and I feel sorry for my ears and focus span, this has a bit of the same issue as point nr 1 - you cannot for the life of you read a book.

3. People with backpacks on crowded buses. Can you PLEASE take it off instead of shifting around so YOU can stand comfortably while the rest of us behind you have to be pushed together in awkward angles and no matter how one pushes back the hint is not taken.*

*And yes last person who did this, when your backpack got stuck in the bus door after you had to move my first reflex was to smile and sorry not sorry for when you saw me smile.

4. People who has the need to share their music through phone speakers. Yes, I understand you REALLY like this cool song but you know, like it to yourself, the rest of us were perfectly fine not listening to your (shitty) music.

5. To wait outside in winter while the bus changes driver. And they ALWAYS have to take the longest time to settle into their seat and adjust things and cosy down that bum before they open the doors for us unfortunate icicles outside.

6. Those of you who need to sit on the aisle seat and leave the window seat empty when it is a crowded bus. What is wrong with you? Those of you who ignore people asking about the window seat, you are a special breed of diabolic, especially if you only use it for your tiny bag.

7. Old people who you ask if they want to sit and they refuse just to complain to their friend RIGHT AFTERWARDS that youths today have no respect (i.e. because we refuse to give up our seat).

8. Drunk and loud adults. Period.

9. Worse still, drunk teens from my home town... why are you licking the windows? Who are you even mooning? WHY ARE YOU BANGING ON THE WINDOWS FOR 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT AND WHY DOESN'T THE BUS DRIVER DO ANYTHING?! (And why did this happen every time I went on the bus on a Friday or Saturday night?)

10. Those of you who take the bus to bring home pizza. Yeah, you know who you are! You are very, very cruel.

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