Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last Supper List

I watched Castle (season 5, episode 21) where the thing Last Supper List was mentioned, it is a list of the 12 people from any time in history you would like to dine with (as a last supper), and it sparked a list of my own.

Here are the 12 people I would like to dine with and why:

1. Marilyn Monroe
Why: I have always been intrigued by her, wanted to know more about her, it is such a mystery surrounding her and myth - I would like to know the real Marilyn. I want to know the person, not the image and I think she would be an intriguing dinner guest.

2. Marie Antoinette
Why: It is always Marie Antoinette or my grandma Lola that gets picked in "If you could have a dinner with any person, dead or alive..."-questions. A bit for the same reason as M.M above, I am curious to know what is legend and what is real, I am curious who Marie Antoinette really was as a person. Did she really say "Let them eat cake" or was that a part of the myth surrounding her? Also, she seemed to be great at throwing parties (from what legend says), we could team up for this dinner and make it fantastic.

3. Kurt Cobain
Why: I grew up with hearing Nirvana since they were favs by my step brothers and when I started to pan out from the boyband genre Nirvana was among the first bands I listened to, also Kurt seem to have been such a genuine and passionate person that I would love to have him discuss with my other dinner guests about big and small things.

4. Emmeline Pankhurst
Why: For the person who knows their history, especially women's history, know who this woman is. I will tell you: the leader of the suffragettes in Britain. I would love to pick her brain and just hear her talk and discuss female empowerment with her.

5. Grandma Lola
Why: My mum's mum whom I share first name with (Lola was sadly nickname) and is claimed to be very alike in how I talk and move my hands and how creative I am. She died before I was born but I have heard so many stories about her and I am sad I never got to meet her, I think she would be perfect in this group.

6. Barbro Bang Alving
Why: A swedish journalist who reported from the Olympics in 1936, the Spanish was and when Germany invaded Norway, Hiroshima after the bomb and so on. She was also a pacifist and one of few women in this profession at the time. Her signature was Bang. I think she would have a lot of interesting to say.

7. Astrid Lindgren
Why: On this slot I first had J.K. Rowling, Tracy Chevalier and Joanne Harris who are all favourite authors of mine but then I went old school, to the woman who helped shape my childhood with Pippi and Ronja Rövardotter. She seemed like a very cool person and since she and I go far back I felt it was a better choice than the others. Maybe I could learn a thing or two about writing?

8. Margit Sandemo
Why: Another author that has influenced me. I got Häxmästaren from my mum (which happened to be a part of a book series of 20 books) and after that I could not go back to reading Nancy Drew again, I started delving into grown up literature - skipped the young adult completely (which I find a little sad now). She shaped a couple of years of my life where I devoured two book series by her, sometimes I even went back the same day to buy the next one because I had already finished the previous! She is a fantastic author with a knack at creating characters and worlds so I would love to talk about that.

9. Pamela de Barres
Why: She belonged to one of the first groupies and numerous groupie movie characters are based on her, like Penny Lane from Almost Famous (love that movie!) and last year I read her book, oh how I wished I would have been there and seen what she has seen. She was smack down into music history being made.

10. Michael Lang
Why: Speaking of music history. It is not really a household name but for me he is iconic, Michael was an organiser of Woodstock 1969 - the festival I was born too late to attend, the festival that have my been my dream to organise. I might get star struck though and just not be able to say anything.

11. Aung San Suu Kyi
Why: This woman made me interested in human rights, she was one of the reasons why I became active within Amnesty International as a teen. I even wrote an essay about her. The day she was released was a very emotional day for me. She is someone I truly look up to.

12. Marianne Greenwood
Why: Fantastic photographer who saw things most people cannot even dream about, she had a lovely philosophy on life and she met a lot of greats from her time like Picasso. She is one of those people I look up to.

Others that I would have loved to have on the list: Dalai Lama (current), Gandhi, Elizabeth I, Hatschepsut, Patti Smith, John Paul Thornton and Rut my great grandma.

Who would you have on your list?

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