Sunday, February 15, 2015

My motivational letter for Atelier Gwangju 2015

With more time I could have probably written something more fantastic but deadline is tomorrow and I wanted to get my application in today so I wouldn't miss my chance. I do think it sums up how I feel pretty well though. My motivational letter:

My dream since at least a decade have been to organise the next Woodstock 1969 - the festival that everyone knows about even those like me who was not even born yet.

My dream is to be a music festival organiser. Why? Because I just love the moment before you open and let the audience in, the tension in the air, it is just like the second before you walk out on stage - an adrenaline rush! It is something about walking around in the mud and hear music all over the place, even the smell from the portable toilets add to the feel - it makes me feel home and happy.

I love being in charge, solving problems and thinking outside the box. I therefore took my B.A. in cultural administration since it took me on step closer to my dream. Attending Atelier Gwangju would be the next vital step for me, the step I have been looking for in my pursuit of trying to get into the festival world.

Right now I am on the outside looking in, this would be my chance to get into the world I want to belong to. I believe this is a chance of a life time and if you accept me I will make the most out of it - I will make it my stepping board to greatness.

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