Sunday, February 01, 2015

Library in Russia on fire

I read the sad news that INION, the science library in Moscow (Russia) that was founded in 1918 has been fire raged. INION is the biggest research centre for the fields of social studies and humanities. There are around 14.2 million books in there and some of them as old as from 16th century. They also have documents from UNESCO and the UN. The library have one of the biggest collections of books in Slavic language.

It always saddens me when our cultural heritage is destroyed. This is why I believe in digitalising our books, so if something would happen to the original then at least we would still have the information left.

2000 square metres was affected by the fire and most of the books were damaged by 1000 square metres of the roof caving in and by all the water. In the Guardian it is claimed only 15% of the collections have been damaged, let's hope for that. At least no human casualties.


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