Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Annual book sale nerdery [2015]

So, despite better judgement I went through the lists of books for sale at the two biggest online book stores (as I do every year) and got the hefty list of 34 books I liked, which means books for 1698 SEK! I downsized it and let go of some books I kind of wanted and is now down to 12 books for 560 SEK which is still over my budget but I cannot decide which other books to drop.

For someone who doesn't have a love story with books since childhood this might be strange but to me it is the woes of February - every year, because every year is it a national book sale in Sweden that starts on the other half of February.

Usually I buy most of my books during this book sale, the book fair in Gothenburg (the two times I have been there) and second hand. That and the course literature at university is what has for the most part stocked my three book shelves.

Last year I gave myself a bunch of books as birthday gift with the money I had gotten from my parents and grandma. This year I hope to find a money tree somewhere so I can buy at least something (preferably a money tree with 560 SEK on it).

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