Friday, January 16, 2015

TV series update - winter/spring 2015

As usual here is my TV series update for the new season, currently:

Monday: Red band society (s1)
Tuesday: Hart of Dixie (s3, soon s4)
Wednesday: Game of Thrones (s4) / Castle (s5)
Thursday: -
Friday: -
Saturday: Endeavour (s2)
Sunday: -

I finished watching Mistresses season 2 (US version) last week which went on Sundays and I started watching Gotham last week but continued to find it elsewhere and therefore is up to speed with the US air dates, next episode comes on Monday.

Series that soon start:
White collar (s6)
Criminal minds (s10)
Grey's anatomy (s11 - continuation)
Big Bang Theory (s8 - continuation)
True detective (s1)*
* Going to see first episode since several friends have hyped it for me.

I am also waiting on the US season start for Nashville (no idea when it airs or if it does here) and The Vampire Diaries (got sick waiting months for new episodes and getting them censored).

Series I am waiting for air date on:
The Originals (s2 - continuation)
Scandal (s4 - continuation)
Under the dome (s3)
Fröken Frimans krig (s2)
Mad Men (s7 - continuation)
Once upon a time (s 4 - continuation)
True blood (s6)

I am also waiting for the last season (noes!!) of Continuum to start, which will probably be mid 2015 from the news I last got. Only 6 episodes left of that wonderful series.

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