Thursday, December 11, 2014

My etsy wish list 2014

I started this last year and thought I'd do it again, a Christmas list with things from etsy sellers. It was hard to narrow it down but this is my year's list of "Oooh want" ;) See below for links.

Last year: My etsy wish list (day 3 calendar)

Column 1:
1. Wild specimen necklace (option 1 or 4 with bronze chain) 2. Moroccan lantern 3. Fairytale fridge poetry 

4. Matchbox set of four 5. Heart rubber stamp 6. Fern necklace (24 inches chain) 7. Compass necklace 8. Dream animals book (option: fox print)

Column 2:
1. Oxford library candle 2. Tote bag with text 3. Vintage cat-eye sunglasses 4. Hamsa bracelet (6 inches) 

5. Ooak felted elephant 6. Yellow beanie 7. Oddfellow orphanage book

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