Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Reaching 10k!!

I have now reached my personal goal of 10 000 words, just seeing all the zeros is fantastic. I am amazed at what I have pulled off in four days.I am 2000 words before my initial plan and like 3000 words before the recommended (if I would follow NaNo's plan of 1667 words a day).I have reached my overall month goal of 10k, it is mind blowing!

Since I am not so gutsy that I can say for certain that I will pull of 50k I will set my next goal as the next badge: 25k.

I am so ecstatic right now, that I actually managed to pull it off and that I did it today as I hoped I would yesterday. I mean, four days ago reaching this far was daunting and I didn't believe I would even be able to do that and look at me now! I am beyond words :D

(Oh and F, you know what to do ;) )

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