Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pep talks from two authors (for NaNoWriMo)

I went through the list of authors yesterday and clicked on those I was interested in and wanted two share two I really liked with you all.

Philip Pullman ended his pep talk with:
On the other hand, if you do love reading, if you cannot imagine going on a journey without a book in your pocket or your bag, if you fret and fidget and become uncomfortable if you’re kept away from your reading for too long, if your worst nightmare is to be marooned on a desert island without a book – then take heart: there are plenty of us like you. And if you tell a story that really engages you, we are all potential readers.
And that gave me some kind of hope since I am that person who always brings a book on my journeys, though probably not this weekend since I usually get absorbed in books and when I start I cannot quit which wouldn't be so smart during NaNo. It made me feel like maybe someone will like the novel I am writing, just maybe it is worth it.

I also wanted to share Jonathan Stroud's pep talk since it really helped me now when things are hard. I'm not giving up but it is like pulling teeth at the moment trying to write, though granted I managed to get a little over 1k in an hour today (first time in days) so I am hoping it will go equally good at 16 when I have my other hour for the day scheduled.

Keep at it NaNoers! :)

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