Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NaNoWriMo, days 15-17

In need of an update on NaNo from the last couple of days so here it is. Next time I will be back on track again. Oh and the course was very fun and I learned a lot.

Day 15
I was on my way to my weekend course and I wrote a little bit, 534 words to be exact on the train but it was hard since people were loud mouths and had to share private details of their lives with everyone, my focus was gone. I landed on 31 851 words.

Day 16
I didn't write anything. I had taken the bus just so I would but this specific bus company have changed so it was crammed and the bus seats was hard (not going with them again). Sad that almost 4 hours of planned writing went to waste, couldn't even get my netbook out of my bag!

Day 17
I edited what I had written on the Saturday, I didn't like the direction, I removed some parts and added others to have something go from. Instead of Catherine going home she went to a store and there she met an unexpected person. I also added a new character out of the blue, he just came to me, Luis, and he got a way bigger place in the novel than planned. I wrote 2060 words today and landed on 33 911 words and if all goes to plan I will hit 50k around 26th of November.

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