Sunday, November 09, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 9

I have today reached 20 477 words. It wasn't the easiest since some neighbours of mine were out in the yard talking loudly and the girl's laughter (or well giggle) could break glass that is how piercing and loud it was. It made me unfocused and I feel the last 1k I wrote today is among the worst in the novel, I couldn't get it right because every time I had a sentence in my head they broke my focus.

I am still working on chapter 3, my main character is now opening gifts at her dad's place and have so far gotten a gift certificate for jeans store and a charity gift of mosquito nets.

I am a bit scared that I will finish this one right before 50k, if I make it so far I am hoping I can go back and edit in more to be able to win. I am hoping to be able to write 51 000 words since then I will be definitely sure the system will say that I won.

With being over 20k I can definitely taste the 25k badge that is around the corner. If all goes well I will make it on Wednesday if I keep up 2k a day. If I am in some writing mojo I could probably pull it off by Tuesday.

Anyway, the story is coming along nicely, it feels like I gave it more time to spread out during chapter 2, I am worried that chapter 3 is a bit rushed, at least that gives a pointer to where I can go and beef the novel up if needed be.

The last couple of days I have been very tired though, it is starting to take a bit of a toll but it is also cool to see that I am closing in on 30 pages now. Crazy really that I have managed to keep this story alive for so long and I am probably 2/3 through it I think (which is less good since I have 3/5 left before I reach the 50k goal).

What is truly mind blowing is that I am now 40% (if my math skills haven't abandoned me) to the big goal of 50k. I am truly hoping I will reach it.

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