Saturday, November 08, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 8

I have now officially written on this novel for over a week, insane! It both feels longer and shorter than that. Today I reached 18 472 words and a part into chapter 3. It was hard writing today too but I managed to pull out over 2k today despite that in around 2h.

I think what makes it hard right now is that I am pulling out emotions out of myself to apply to the character, no positive emotions, so it drains me a bit. I was also super tired after watching Continuum (TV series) far into the night last night.

Right now my main character is feeling awful and out of place in her dad's family and it is truly taking a toll on me bringing forth these emotions. It will not be easier later on as she will go through heavier stuff but right now I am feeling a bit more for my story, that it is coming together better.

It is still not a page turner but I would say it definitely fits into the chick lit category, at least the books I have read, only difference is that there is no love story.

Approximately 6,5k until I reach my next goal. Insane really, I can almost start touching it and after that the sky is the limit. If I pull off 25k too then I can definitely pull off 50k I think (if I have enough story for it that is).

Until tomorrow, have a good day NaNoers and keep on writing no matter what. If you feel your story is slow paced then think of it like getting to know your character better instead of feeling like it is dull (like I did).

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