Friday, November 07, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 7

Holy macaroni am I tired right now, the last 2k was hard to write, mostly because the scenes themselves are very hard to write and I feel for Catherine, my main character, it exhausts me just as much as it does her. I have though reached 16 381 words. I am closing in on being soon 5k ahead of the suggested word count. I just really need to keep this up until next weekend and then I can hopefully slack off a bit and keep within word count of 1667 words a day (though 2000 is such a more beautiful round number).

I didn't feel it flowed out of me like it has the last two days and I am sure it won't do so tomorrow since I am introducing more characters and need to find the balance with how they interact with each other and what will happen. I am tomorrow starting chapter 3: Boxing day.

That is one of the few chapters left where I know the characters and the overall thing they are going to do but nothing more than that, the other ones are more pinned down.

I just realised though that I have forgotten the gift exchange, I need to write that in for the Boxing day in a smooth way somehow but right now it is probably very weird that they haven't done that yet. I also need to remember the scene where they turn off the radio and everyone feel awkward.

Anyway, lots to do tomorrow!

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