Thursday, November 06, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 6

My day was a huge endless (ok 3 hour) long back and forth with three banks so I was scared I wasn't going to get much writing done today but I didn't even need the full two hours today either, I have today written 2193 words. I am so far keeping up with writing 2k every day. According to the NaNo website I should hit 10k today but I hit 14k which feels awesome. If I keep this up until next weekend then I can actually not stress out over not being able to write on my novel while I am at the course.

Today it almost poured out of me and it felt like I found myself back to my way of writing things not how everyone wants me to according to all the lists online, I am finding the words better again.

Last night though I was highly inspired and wrote on small notes one of the future scenes that will come, the turning point which I hope will be heavy and not expected at all. Greasy even. I don't count in my note spurs since I don't always write it exactly as I did on the note into the novel, but so far I have two scenes pretty nailed down written on notes. I also have a more clear time frame on when things will happen which feels great.

It is starting to feel like it is coming along now. Yesterday I dreaded it was the most boring book that could ever exist on this planet (though some of August Strindberg's books really do take that cake) but with the new twist written down I feel like the calm and very slow paced book will really get a wake up call there and I like the difference from before and after.

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