Wednesday, November 05, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 5

I passed 12k today and I didn't even need the full two hours to type 2000 words, I felt rather inspired almost, now I just hope it will go as easy tomorrow and the day after that and the one after that. I do feel my novel is boring though, there rarely happen anything out of the ordinary, I think the most "woah" is the small fight between my main character and her mother about the meat (main character is vegetarian).

I am hoping to get enough ahead that weekend of 15-16th I don't have to write a syllable and still not be behind schedule since I am going on a course in another city then, which I am both terrified and excited about.

I am getting lost for words, or rather descriptive words for how a characters says something or the way they smile or feel something. It is like all my English go out the door except the simple words like sad and happy. I am therefore linking my list of awesome help pins on this matter below.

Ultimate "find the words" list:

Oh and for all the NaNoers out there:

Ps. Yes I did finish this 00:15 but it felt better to have it on the right day so yes 23:39 is a manipulated time.

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