Monday, November 03, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 3

Today have been a bit of a struggle, I was first busy with other stuff like going to the bank and grocery shopping which took out a chunk of my day. Then when I finally had time to write I was so tired and I was already unhappy with the previous section because I didn't feel it nailed the relationship between the characters and overall it halted the story, I therefore put time into editing that even though I shouldn't yet so I could get onward.

I wrote some more last night as predicted (that was the section I fixed today) and I have learned I should not type when tired since my story takes a huge hit from that. I have on day 3 written, according to my calculations since the tracker on the NaNo website is broken, 1267 words. Not my best but I am still 1000 words ahead of my intended (6000 words = 2000 words a day) with my 7047 words.

I am hoping to be enough well rested tomorrow to hit 10k. I need to get ahead since I am going away the weekend of 15-16th November. My boyfriend have promised to reward me with something if I make it. I will reward myself with either a TV series or a movie if I hit the 10k tomorrow (3000 words).

A part of me has a drive to sit down and write right now but my sensible side tells me it is a stupid idea even if the competitor in me at least want to hit 1667 words today to make the minimum goal, but with 400 words away I have to say it is ok anyway.

Edit: I crammed a bit before midnight and managed to get 1694 words in today. I feel proud and a little less stressed. I end with the word count of 7474 which means I need to approximately write 2500 words tomorrow to reach my personal goal of 10k.

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