Thursday, November 20, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 20

It is crazy that I have for 20 days written on my story now, it feels longer and yet shorter at the same time. Today I managed to reach 40 091 words which means less than 10 000 words left, the exact amount I thought I would reach this month, talk about underestimating myself. I wrote 2066 words today.

Not much happened in today's writing, my main character had a phone call, sent an e-mail and went to the pizzeria. Wow huh? 2k on that, I know, earth moving!

In a way I am scared to work too fast on the things I want to happen since I am unsure if that will reach 50k then so I added a bit some inner turmoil thoughts today and I have some ideas of things that will happen before the real things go down (ending). She have so far reached her turning point, which I am sure I have said before, which feels great, now I just need to take it home!

10 more days until 30 Nov is it 10% on notebooks with the code NANOWRIMO14 in my etsy shop

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