Sunday, November 02, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 2

I feel like I have gotten much more flow in my story today, it isn't just a bunch of short scenes thrown together, I let them sit and spread out a bit more now and go in and out of each other fluently, though it is still not as eventful, haha, not that I think it will be one of those books where you sit on the edge of your chair!

I have today reached the goal of 2000 words so I have now written 5780 words(!) which I never really thought I would pull off to begin with. Today I spilled out 770 words in a half hour, crazy. I am slowly getting closer to that personal goal of 10 000 words, it is very exhilarating to think about.

I might be typing a bit more later on, I feel like I have something more to say today in the story but that I need a break to recuperate a bit.

I hope it goes well for all other NaNoers out there, no matter how fast or slow your word count goes. All that matters is that it goes forward. If you want to talk NaNo with me you can find me on the website here or on twitter here.

Btw, did you know that as a NaNo participant you can get 10% off on my notebooks in my etsy shop? Use the coupon code NANOWRIMO14.

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