Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 19

Wooo! I have now passed 38k, feels pretty good actually. Today I was a little extra inspired and during my second hour I wrote 1k in 45 minutes which was some time ago I managed to (might be because I got a part time job today right before I was writing! I will write more on that later).

During my first hour I felt like things was taking an ugly turn, I did not want my character to do that at all but during my second hour I managed to get it back on track again (for my intended ending) and it feels really good at the moment, it feels like the story is going forward. It feels great to write on the turning point, we are around my favourite section at the moment and I have lots of ideas for what needs to happen in the next 24h (that is how long timeline I have left before the end).

I reached 38 025 words today which means I wrote 2027 words.

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