Thursday, November 13, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 13

I realise how much of a habitual person I am when my habits get shaken up. Today I had a meeting in the town over at 12 so I wouldn't make it home to my writing session I always have between 13-14 which really took a toll on me later on.

I talked to my dad until closer to 16 and then I first had a snack and tea and sat down as usual to write between 16-17 but that wasn't going anywhere really, so slow so I continued until like 18 to take a break to fix some things. I started again at 18:30 get the last 500 words but at 18:50 when my rice was done and it was time for food I still hadn't reached it so I had to write a little bit more after dinner. Blah! But finally a little while ago I reached my daily goal of 2k. It took a couple of hours to write basically nothing (she sat on a train, met an acquaintance, went home and texted her parents - that is it).

Week 2 really is hell week as they say. Nonetheless, I got to 29 244 today and have thus written 2019 words today. I might add some more later, we'll see. The gap between where NaNo says I should be and where I am is 7,5k in my favour. Good, it will come in handy this weekend, though really all I want is to sit in my chamber and write instead of being social with 70+ people I have never met before.

I really hope week 3 is better than this because seriously, I am now in the area where I actually now will happen and it still feels like pulling teeth or to slide on gravel.

Weird questions for my friends today: 1) Is hijabs plural of hijab? 2) What can a Muslim woman say as a nice phrase to my main character whom is a stranger? My friends were super helpful, I just hope I didn't step on someone's toes.

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