Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 12

Today was a little more inspired day and it wasn't as heavy scenes to write, thankfully a bit of a gap of that until the next chapter where it is going to be some heavy stuff happening again, I have thankfully most of that scene written down on a little note.

I reached 27 225 words today and wrote 2087 words.

Right now it feels a little lighter and easier to write than before which is very welcome, especially since I want to be ahead of the curve for the weekend. I'm approximately 7k ahead and that will be very welcome since I am unsure how much I will get the chance to write Friday to Sunday (6k for me / 5k according to NaNo that I might miss to write).

Hopefully I get the chance to write something every day to still connect to my story and not loose my grove. Today I was finally on the way to scenes that will be very important and I both dread writing some of them (poor main character) and found them intriguing since it will really be some climax scenes soon.

In today's writing my main character have met an old lady in a pink coat and compared herself to kintsugi. I felt that was a pretty nice feat. What I need to remember for tomorrow is that she has a salad and coke with her which she need to open up and eat/drink.

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