Monday, November 10, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 10

Nope, nope, nope. Today I don't like what I have written, I felt stressed and tired when typing so I guess that has to do with it. I have a wonderful forest scene but it all feel like pancake, I didn't feel I captured it completely.

So I hit the round number of 22 500 words today and eh, it would have felt better if I actually had written something of substance and not just crap. I think we all can safely say I am having a bit of a dip today. First hour I wrote 500 words and then I needed to nap and had to write for an extra half hour to even reach 950 words. When I took my other hour I wrote for 70 minutes and could just barely reach 2k today.

Nope, today was not my day. Usually I try to finish scenes that I make but I stopped mid scene this time and felt it would be better if I picked it up again tomorrow because maybe then I would make it better since this is one of the key scenes for the plot. Curious to know what it is? It's my main character talking to her dad.

Anyway, 10 days in out of 30, one third on the way. Only upside is that I am close to 6k ahead of what NaNo thinks I should be so if this week goes so so it is ok as long as I keep up to par until the weekend.

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