Saturday, November 01, 2014

NaNoWriMo, day 1

I wrote for like two hours last night after midnight and could just after a lot of rambling (it felt like) cram out 1287 words. Today I sat some more and wrote and at the moment I write this I have in total written 3632 words. Now, I felt I had the pace of a snail last night and sometimes I do and it annoys me that I have the wrong years stated for how long my main character dated her former fiancé (need to fix this soon before it wreck havoc more when referring to it - they were not 17 when they became a couple!) but I felt it went smoother today.

My novel title have changed from Catherine is going home to Catherine's journey at the moment and something tells me I will not have a title I am happy with until it is done and know more about the novel.

My goal for the weekend was 4k words and I am circa 400 words away from that. My personal goal to reach overall is 10k. I just hope it will continue to flow as smoothly as it did today. I wrote to my mentor last night saying it was hard cramming out the words I did, I realise now it will go a bit of up and down on that since some scenes I know how to handle and some moments I go "uuh, no clue what happens next", that is what happens when you're not a meticulous planner but a pantser ;)

The drive to reach another goal, another 1k words is insane though, I just want to type type type until I get there. I had to stop myself from writing more a little while ago and popped by on the social media instead. No clue if I actually will continue to write more tonight or not, it feels like I shouldn't to not burn myself out too quickly.

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