Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I reached 25k!!

Crazy! As my late night edit on "NaNoWriMo, day 11" tells I felt inspired to write some more and after finally getting the paragraph right it just ran out of me and I could pass 25k with just some minutes on my side, one day before I had thought I would.

This means that I have reached my second overall goal, so now I am actually starting to think that I can pull this off, that I can reach 50k. I just hope I have enough story left to make it. I'm beyond words really, it is huge that I managed this and with this chapter it feels pretty great, I like my book at the moment a lot. I might have also figured some out about the ending which feels awesome.

I just hope that I will make it but nonetheless, no one can take away from me that I reached the half way point, no matter what happens I will always have that notch on my belt. Now let's cross our fingers (or as us Swedes do it: hold our thumbs) and hope I will go all the way, I think I can do it!

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