Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TV series update

This update mostly goes out to F who have trouble keeping tabs on what I watch during a normal week and really I can understand why.

20:00 Once upon a time
21:00* Scandal

21:00 Big bang theory (sometimes)

21:00 Grey's anatomy

22:00 The originals


23:00 Continuum
00:00 Continuum


19:00 Best ink (sometimes)

Shows I am waiting to come back:
Castle (stopped mid season 5!), Mistresses (stopped mid season 2! but will be back in December they claim), Hart of Dixie (s4), Game of thrones (s4), Glee (s6), Sherlock (s4), The vampire diaries (s6), True blood (s6), White collar (s6) and Endeavour (s2, back 3/1 2015).

* at the same time Revenge and Criminal minds are airing which bothers me, it seems I have ditched them in favour of Scandal now though, we will see if I catch up on them later.

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