Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The world of Extreme Couponing

I've been watching "Extreme Couponing" a couple of times and two things strike me:
1. how can the stores be ok with this? Some customers even earn money when shopping, that can't be good for profit.
2. why do they just pile everything up and not give to charity? Seem very greedy to me.

A few weeks ago it was a small family who planned on buying for around 1000 dollars (and pay nothing) and give to charity plus give their whole stock which was worth around 21 000 dollars. That gave me back a little faith in humanity. Usually though the families in this show just stock it all and it can be like 100+ deodorants and soups and stuff you really don't need that much of. One woman said she went shopping every week - why, when you already have stuff to survive world war 3! Another said that when stuff are closing in on end date she either give away or SELL the goods (that she's gotten for free or almost free).

The whole thing just seem greedy to me. I can understand if it's a big family and they actually go through the stuff but one woman had half a room with just toilet paper - why? I don't understand, it seem like the beginning of becoming a hoarder.

I have much more understanding for the few who said they donate some of the stuff they buy, so far I remember two who went on a shopping trip solely to give it all to charity. That seem like the logical thing to do, the nicest thing to do. Who needs like 200 boxes of cereal? Why not keep let's say 20 and donate 180 to charity.

And really it's crazy the amount people buy of everything, 60 packages of tictacs for example or 127 packages of bacon.

What baffles me most though is that the stores just accept this, in one episode the store manager even made an override on the system since the limit of coupon lines had been reached. In Sweden it's always a max limit on items that are discounted, usually it's two so this wouldn't work here. Also, coupons don't really exist anymore here anyway.

I can totally understand the use of the couponing (though not the 60 hours one woman put on it a week) if you're poor but then wouldn't it be better if you got a job? I don't know. What I do know is that more people who do extreme couponing should give more of their stock to charity instead of letting it sit on shelves forever.

Disclaimer: this is my view on couponing after seeing around 5 episodes of "Extreme couponing", this may not apply to all who uses this extreme strategy to shopping.

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