Monday, May 26, 2014

The differences in space taking depending on gender

I've been pondering about something lately, about how women not only doesn't get enough space in society as a whole but we also on a daily basis make ourselves smaller.

I was out for a walk and usually when you pass someone on the side walk you try to accommodate so both can pass without bumping in to each other. Lately I've thought about that and gender since I've noticed a trend or well a habit.

I usually try to take in my arm or go to the side and well generally try to make it easier to pass if it's cramped for space but more than one guy lately and especially today just went on straight forward, one or two made a slight effort to hold in their arm a tiniest bit. Then I started to think about on how many times I've put my knees together in the bus while a wide legged guy sat next to me taking up some of my space too.

What is up with that?!

What would happen if I wouldn't go out of my way on trying to make myself smaller when passing a guy on the street, would we bump right into each other? If we both just bended a little then I didn't have to be a darn acrobat.

Now, this isn't a huge problem but it's definitely worth thinking about next time you're out walking or sitting on the bus. Maybe even try to do the opposite of your gender? (ex. men knees tight together on the bus).

Have you noticed this practice?

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