Friday, May 16, 2014

Feminism Friday #1

I kind of started the idea of linking to great articles in the feminism spectra on International Women's Day when I shared a bunch of articles I thought was worth reading. I thought it was time to pick that idea up again so here is the first Feminism Friday!

  • Guest post: From obits to statues to traffic circles, whither the women?
    In 1990, The Times ran a total of 691 obituaries, only 92 of which were women. Twenty years later, in 2010, between January and August, the numbers were almost identical: 606 obituaries, 92 of women. [...] Of the 5,193 public, outdoor statues in the United States. Guess how many are of women? 394.
  •  Turning feminism into marketing has a serious downside
    If the beauty industry loses its power over consumers and can no longer create "problems" for which it can provide solutions, it's out of business. Unless, that is, marketers can convince us they're on board with this cultural shift. So the beauty industry has turned things women have done forever into trends in order to capitalize on them, essentially saying, "We get it: You're 'real.' Real women buy [insert thing you don't need here]."
  •  ‘Eco-feminism’ helps save girl child in India
    A gender revolution is silently under way in India's northwestern state of Rajasthan as expectant parents reject the long-standing practice of aborting female foetuses. Faced with an alarmingly skewed ratio of boys to girls, villagers in the dusty and arid region surrounding Jaipur, the state’s capital, are turning their backs on female foeticide rooted in cultural tradition. Led by visionary village heads, they are now celebrating the birth of girls by planting trees - linking environmentalism and gender activism in what experts are calling 'eco-feminism'.

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