Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10th sale on etsy!

Yesterday I made my 10th sale! I can't really grasp it, that there are people who are out there using my creations, it's a little mind boggling and really exciting.

I think what makes me most excited is the earrings I've sold, it's like seeing your children leave for greater adventures, specially since each and every one of them is one-of-a-kind so I will never hold a piece that looks just like it in my hands again.

Plans for Caja Creations
I am hoping to launch some hama beads festival/aztec necklaces soon and I have more OOAK earrings if only the weather gets better so I can shoot them. I might also design some new bookmark styles if I sell those I have on etsy right now. In autumn, I think around mid August, I will release two more notebooks - with autumn/winter motifs.

Hope for Caja Creations
That by the end of this year I've made more than 30 sales and that I in 2015 reach 100 sales.


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