Friday, March 14, 2014

The awkward Friday evening

So I had plans to indulge in some delicious food and watch some Continuum, a calm Friday after this stressful week but my frying pan didn't agree.

I love my frying pan, it has the right size for everything I want to do but it's seen better days. The second it gets hot it starts to smoke and some days are better than others, today wasn't one of them. I realised quickly that it was getting thick with smoke in the kitchen so I cranked up my little alien (air cleaner) which stands under the fire alarm in the hallway - that usually does the trick of not setting off the fire alarm.

Alas... not today.

The fire alarm went crazy. I went crazy. I tried to reach it to hold in the button since it should go silent from that but nope, nothing happening. I try to move the little alien around so it would catch the smoke and you know, clean it. I wave an umbrella around to clear the air around the fire alarm and I turn on the faucets in hope that the water will help. The fire alarm shrieks and I'm stressing because I don't want to alarm (pun not intended) my neighbours... but yeah...

a couple of knocks on my door.

Two men ask if I'm ok and I, in a strange dialect for some reason, say that the fire alarm went on when I was cooking and they say "Just push the button" which I explain didn't work. They ask if I need help getting it down and I say yes. So one of them take down the fire alarm from the ceiling, while staring into my messy bed room (NOO!) and after a lot of fidgeting the other one get the battery out and the sound finally stops. The first one then introduces himself as my neighbour (which I kind of already knew) and then they went back to his place. As I shut the door and turn the lock I realise I have a white top and no bra on...

but at least dinner was tasty.

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